Available in a classroom format or Blended Learning

We offer weekly classes for corporations and groups

Workplace Environment

Does your employer require CPR/AED/First Aid training or offer it to their employees? Learn how to perform basic First Aid skills and be ready to give high quality CPR in your place of business.

Group CPR Classes

Group Classes

Whether you are a fitness Instructor/trainer, lifeguard, daycare provider, caregiver or a person that cares, bystander CPR is proven to increase survival of Cardiac Arrest victims. There is no liability with helping out, please consider CPR training to be prepared.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“Green Guard truly does care that you know how to do CPR. The classes have always been fun, engaging and interactive. We purchased AED’s from them recently and they delivered them “rescue ready” even to the mounting of the wall cabinets. They respond right away if I have any needs. This is why they get my business every 2 years!”

– Gene Palmer – USF

“I have been to training sessions in the past but I have never experienced one like yesterday. It’s just different when the instructor has a true passion for what he/she is teaching and you can tell that you have that. You are one of the best in the business!”

– Maurice Hammon – Lehigh Technologies Inc.

Get Certified
Certifications for BLS/CPR, CPR, AED and Basic First Aid.