If you know the first aid business then why not do it for yourself?
Become a Green Guard Distributor!


We are currently seeking First Aid Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, and Distributors who want to start their own First Aid Distributorships. We have decades of experience in helping individuals just like you start their own businesses and become successfully self-employed as Green Guard Distributors.
Please contact us to find out more about these exciting opportunities and receive a Green Guard Distributor Startup Information Kit!


Mike Brantley
Director of Van Distributor Service
Toll Free Phone: 800-869-6970 Ext. 1509
Email: mbrantley@greenguard.com
If you own a first aid business and are
considering your options, Green Guard
may be interested in an acquisition!


Call us today to discuss the possibilities of
selling your existing first aid business.


Joshua DuBois
Director of Sales
Green Guard First Aid & Safety
Office: 239–337–7225 Ext. 111
Fax: 239–337–7227
Email: jdubois@greenguard.com